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Improving the quality of life in the Serengeti, Rorya and Busega districts of Tanzania.

Water development is of the most fundamental importance, so it is the main focus of our efforts. Women and girls in Tanzania bear a great burden due to the scarcity of clean, safe drinking water. They are deprived of education, largely because their time is taken up by the laborious task of carrying water from rivers and streams, which can take about half a day. What water there is, often carries dangerous microorganisms, and while fetching it women may be victims of attack by men or by wild animals. Our goal is to develop water resources — to improve public health and to free women and girls to successfully pursue education and contribute more effectively to their communities.  


Working with our organization, members of the Parliament of Tanzania proposed a project to build 90 wells in Serengeti, Rorya and Busega. We have built our first three new wells, and are also currently working on repair of some of the many other wells that over the years have malfunctioned due to neglect. We are building a network of reliable contacts in the three districts, and working to involve village communities actively to ensure the lasting success of each well. In the United States, we have been gathering financial, technical and other support to help make it happen. 


The Philadelphia-Serengeti Alliance grew out of the vision of Margareth Awiti, a Tanzanian immigrant and nurse living in Philadelphia. In 2010 Margareth reached out to her friends, including members of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Philadelphia. She asked if they would help her to form a partnership to help the people in and around Serengeti. The Philadelphia-Serengeti Alliance was officially established as a nonprofit organization in 2012. We, the members of PSA, have been fortunate to work with and come to know the people of Tanzania — and we hope you will join us in our efforts.

Board Members
Margawith Awiti, President

Margareth Awiti was born in Tanzania and came to the United States in 1996. She lives in the Wynnefield neighborhood of Philadelphia and works as a nurse at …read more

Stephen Dunne Esq., Vice President

As the founder of Dunne Law Offices PC, Stephen M. Dunne is committed to representing clients in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas….read more